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Lessons for Christians chapter 15

Now all I really have to say is God but the chapter should really be called how to worship instead, but I already saved it so why bother but I will tell you how to worship. How you worship is not just singing a song, you should really feel it and you shouldn’t sing songs that don’t glorify God.

But that was just the singing part, there are many other things you can do but I’m just going to name a few of them. You can do good deeds, in the bible God say’s, whatever you do for the least of these brothers you do for me. So you can do that. And you don’t just do a good deed not thinking about what your doing you really have to say something like here let me help you with that or something,

And back to the singing subject you don’t just say the words like dun dun dun dun I meen come on that just doesn’t glorify God if you sing like that and just let your mind wonder then your not glorifying God you really have to put the uph into it you really sing like you meen it you know like are God is an AWSOME God he rains well not really AWSOME that loud but really symphonize you know have a feeling for it put the uph in like I said before.

Well maybe you don’t understand me when I say uph but some people say that as in you really got to get your head in the game. You know? Well maybe you don’t but when your worshiping you really can’t just let your head wonder of you really can’t just be singing and not really thinking about the words your singing, if you’ve ever seen someone like that I mean there just like dun dun dun dun dun and there looking of like they don’t even care about it. I mean look at amazing grace and can you imagine someone going like dun dun dun dun dun dun with such an amazing song as that and there going like dun dun dun!

You probably think I say dun a lot don’t you?


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