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Outward appearances…

Hi, God gave me something in Galatians 2:6 which says, “As for those who seemed to be important-whatever they were makes no difference to me; God does not judge by external appearance those men added nothing to my message”

So what God gave me today is that we should not focus on an outward appearances, all that matters is that we #1 know Him, #2 Love Him, and #3 share Him with others. My dad had a story (not about himself, it’s a parable) it goes like this,

There was a man who went to a church wearing rags (because he had nothing else to wear), and after the service the pastor says, “Go home and ask God what he says to wear, and next Sunday, wear that.” “Ok” says tha man. next Sunday the man comes in wearing the same thing and the pastor asks him, “What did God say?” “Well” begins the man,”He said, How am I suppose to know, I haven’t been there in years.”

Well the real point to that story is that God really doesn’t care what you wear as long as it doesn’t say something like, “We love satan” (yuck) or anything like that, it’s OK if you wear a normal white, or blue, or black T-shirt, so what really matters is the heart. it’s about the inside, not the outside.


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