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Honey, and a lion?

Hello, God has given me something in Judges 14:14 which says, “He replied, “Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet.” For three days they could not answer him.”

So what God has given me, is that Samson has told them (the Philistines) a riddle, and if they could not answer for seven days, they would give him thirty garments and thirty sets of clothes, but if they did get it right with in seven days, then Samson would give them thirty garments and thirty sets of clothes, but that is off the point, The point is the gospel.

The gospel is in the fact that Samson got the honey (which is the second part of the riddle) out of a lion (the first part). And the lion was killed by Samson, because it came roaring toward him and his father. And Jesus was killed on the cross, and out of Him came the wonderful blood and water, and also Jesus’ love for us. Jesus died for us, because He loved (loves) us, and so He took the sins of the whole entire world, and died on the cross for us. So the Lion is a picture of Jesus, (even though Samson killed the lion) because Jesus died (just like the lion) and something sweet came out.


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