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Hell0, God has given me something in Judges 21:3 which says, “O Lord, the God of Israel,” they cried, “why has this happened to Israel? Why should one tribe be missing from Israel today?”

So, what God has given me, is that after the Israelites conquered the Benjamites, they grieved, because they had conquered a brother. And when we crucified Jesus on the cross, we were crucifying our brother, because when we are Christians, we are brothers with Christ.

And once we became Christians (if you are), we realized that we were crucifying God! Also our brother, and that should make us grieve, because we sinned. When we sin, we disobey God, which makes us grieve.

Now we know that it was because of  our sin that Jesus died, He died on the cross because we sinned (sin), and He made us pure by taking our sin and dying, and now (if you are a Christian) we are pure, because of Jesus.

Isn’t it amazing that Jesus would die for us? Because we were wretches, and He was perfect, yet He still died for us! I just KNOW that what Jesus did (and is doing) is AMAZING!

Again, can you pray for Charity, she is still in the hospital, and she might stay there for a while.


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