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Rescued… again

Hello, God has given me something today in 1 Samuel 14:23 which says, “So the Lord rescued Israel that day, and the battle moved on beyond Beth Aven.”

So, what God has given me, is that the Lord rescued and freed Israel from the Philistines, and the Lord also (on the cross) freed us from the devil, and sin, so now we can be like the Israelites, maybe they sang, “We won, we won, all the Israelites cried, we won, we won, all the Philistines have died!” Maybe they didn’t say that, but they had won the battle, and so has Jesus, Jesus died on the cross for us, with our sin, while we spit and mocked at Him, and still Jesus died with love for us, and then three days later, Jesus rose from the dead, victorious.

After a savour, Jonathan and his armor-bearer, went out and had victory over an outpost, the Lord saved them, and after our savour, Jesus, went out and had victory over the devil, the Lord saved us, so this is a shadow of the cross.

After the Israelites won, the Bible says that the war kept moving, so we should keep spreading the good news, and nothing but the good news (the gospel).

 I live in the country, and my family has been surching for a church near us that does not have a youth group, and that preaches the gospel, but so far all the churches near us have been things other than the gospel, and when we drive 50 minutes away we find gospel preaching, so we don’t have the perfect church, but we have one the preaches the gospel, and that is the main point.

do you love Jesus and the gospel, and do you go to a church that doesn’t have fun and games, but instead preaches the gospel as its main point?


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