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Saul is pleased with David

Hello, God has given me some thing today in, 1 Samuel 16:22  which says, “And Saul sent to Jesse, saying, “Let David remain in my service, for he has found favor in my sight.” (ESV)

So, what God has give me, is that because David was (the Bible says this in the earlier verses) a brave warrior, knows how to play the harp, spoke well, and was a fine-looking man, Saul  liked him, and he made it so that the evil spirit left Saul, (Saul had an evil spirit tormenting him). Saul liked David because he was good-looking, knew how to play the harp, spoke well, and was a good warrior, but God liked (loved) him because he loved God, and God chose him to be His (God’s) king.

Saul was well pleased with him, and wanted to keep him, at first, but we know later Saul tries to kill him, now, why was there such a change between Saul and David? Well, Saul lost the Spirit of God, and became very angry as people sang about hoe many more people David had conquered, if the Spirit of God was with Saul, he would be just fine with it, but since the Spirit of God left Saul, he became very angry, in other words, anger is a fruit of the devil, but self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, Jesus did not become angry when He was whipped, or when He was dying, or even when He rose again, He wasn’t angry when all our sin was put on Him, and He died, He even asked God to forgive us, that showes you the heart of Jesus, Jesus is loving, and died for our sin because of that. And we should follow in Jesus’ footsteps.


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