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But what have I done?

Hello, God has given me something today in 1 Samuel 29:8 which says, “But what have I done?” Asked David. “What have you found against your servant from the day I came until now? Why can’t I go and fight against the enemies of my lord and king?”

So, what God has given me, is, that David is asking Achish why can’t he go to fight with his men, because the Philistine commanders said no, and didn’t approve of David, but David is asking Achish what wrong he has done, and of course David sinned, but not against Achish. 

We can ask God, “What have we done to be thrown into hell?” We have, and do, sin, so how do you think we have the right to ask that question? JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS FOR US! That is why we can ask, “Why should we be thrown in hell? What have we done?” because Jesus died on the cross with our sins, we can freely go to heaven (if we believe in Jesus).

David’s “lord and king” (the guy on earth that he worked for), was Achish, and (Lord-willingly) God, Jesus, is our Lord ad king, because Jesus loves us, and died on the cross for us, we can (and Lord-willingly do) worship Jesus, no matter where we are on earth, and in heaven, we worship Jesus.


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