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Why were you not afraid?

Hello, God has given me something in 2 Samuel 1:14 which says, “David asked him, “Why were you not afraid to lift your hand to destroy the Lord’s anointed?” (NIV)

So, what God has given me, is, that you would think David would be happy that Saul and his sons were gone, and that the Amalekite brought him the crown and band that Saul was wearing, but David was very upset with the Amalekite, and (at first) he and his men weep, but then David asked the Amalekite why he wasn’t scared to kill the Lord’s anointed (Saul saw the Amalekite, when he had stabbed himself, but was still alive, and he asked the Amalekite to kill him).

David wept when his “enemy” died, and was sorry that he did die, after all, Saul was his dad, but that is quite the opposite response we gave at the cross, we called out (not really us, but the people, we would have (because it was God’s will for Jesus to die) done the same thing) “Crucify, crucify!” unlike David, who did not was his daddy to die, but us, we Crucified our brother, and our Abba father, our daddy, looked away from our brother, so that He looked apon us, and accepted us as His children.

Leviticus 27:33 says, “One shall not differentiate between good or bad, neither shall he make a substitute for it; and if he does substitute for it, then both it and the substitute shall be holy; it shall not be redeemed.”(ESV)  in the NIV it says that if you do make a substitute for that animal that your giving to the Lord (even though you shouldn’t to make a substitute, just if you do (if the Israelites did) make a substitute), then both the original animal and the substitute are holy, so at the cross, Jesus was our substitute, and now we can be holy with Jesus, and we can go to heaven with Him.


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