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Hello, God has given me something in 2 Samuel 16:8 which says,

“The LORD has avenged on you all the blood of the house of Saul, in whose place you have reigned, and the LORD has given the kingdom into the hand of your son Absalom. See, your evil is on you, for you are a man of blood.”

So, what God has given me, is, that because David was “…a man of blood” his son was going to take his place, and when we crucified Jesus on the cross, we were killing God’s son, Yet because Jesus died on the cross we didn’t take the punishment, He did! Isn’t that amzing? Jesus is so loving to do that for us.

The curse said that the Lord was going to repay David for what he had done, but when we were going to have to pay for all the sin we had done, Jesus took the punishment for our sins. So David might get the “punishment”(his son was going to replace him)


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