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The sermon

Hello, the pastor preached on Galatians 4:21-31 which says,

“Tell me, you who desire to be under the law, do you not listen to the law? For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by a slave woman and one by a free woman. But the son of the slave was born according to the flesh, while the son of the free woman was born through promise.  Now this may be interpreted allegorically: these women are two covenants. One is from Mount Sinai, bearing children for slavery; she is Hagar. Now Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia; she corresponds to the present Jerusalem, for she is in slavery with her children. But the Jerusalem above is free, and she is our mother. For it is written, “Rejoice, O barren one who does not bear; break forth and cry aloud, you who are not in labor! For the children of the desolate one will be more than those of the one who has a husband.” Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise. But just as at that time he who was born according to the flesh persecuted him who was born according to the Spirit, so also it is now. But what does the Scripture say? “Cast out the slave woman and her son, for the son of the slave woman shall not inherit with the son of the free woman.” So, brothers, we are not children of the slave but of the free woman.”

Legalism is not a hard way to live Christian life, it is impossible. People who live legalist lives are dry spiritually. 2 types of legalism are, #1 they are founded on the law. And #2 Is a way purely made by man, not the Bible. The man system.

All the parables that Jesus taught about the lost gold coin the prodigal son, have 1 point. They are parables. There are also things called allegories, and allegory is like a parable on steroids. With allegories, you can get into every detail, with parables you can’t. These passages are like allegories, they cannot be exhausted.

If your lost or you can’t understand what the pastor is saying, then #1 pray and seek the face of God #2 Pray for the one who is preaching. And #3 Actively listen to the preacher.

Paul asks the people who want to follow the law, if they know what it is saying to them. If they see what the law does. He doesn’t doubt that they know the content of the law or if they know what it says, but if they know what it says to them.

Back in the Old Testament days, they had to have a high priest go in with certain clothing and a certain incense to go into the presence of God. But now, we can get on our knees and go to God whenever we need to or want, because Jesus died on the cross for us.

There are two sons, , 1(Ishmael) was not born with divine intervention, the other (Isaac) was born with divine intervention. when Ishmael was born there was no divine intervention, but with Isaac there was, because when Isaac was born Abraham was one hundred years old and Sarah was ninety. They were both as good as dead. Isaac was the promised son, and Ishmael was not.

Hagar and her son (Ishmael) were put out into a rocky, barren, dry, place. Those who live their lives by the law are wandering out in a barren, rocky, dry, place. We were dead in our sins in that barren place, but Jesus came and died on the cross for us, and He gave us free grace, and He brought life to us.

We were birthed with divine intervention and Jesus gave us life, so that we can give Him glory. We should only have confidence in God. So, to wrap things up, here are the three points, #1 We are like Isaac. We were dead in our sins, Isaac was in a dead womb, yet Jesus gave us life. #2 Legalist will always persecute free grace. If we accept free grace, we will be persecuted. #3 Personly cast out legalistic ideas.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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