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Keep them

 Hello, God has given me something in 1 Chronicles 29:18 which says,

“O LORD, God of our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Israel, keep this desire in the hearts of your people forever, and keep their hearts loyal to you.”

Talking: David is talking (praying) to God that He would keep the desire to give to the Lord in the hearts of the people. David is praying for the people also that God would keep the people’s hearts loyal to Him. David wants the people to stay loyal to God, and he knows that they can’t do it by themselves, so He asks God for help.

Us: We are un-loyal, horrible, mean, ruthless, faithless, spiteful, angry, God-hating, Jesus-despising, Holy-Spiritless, cruel, evil, hell-deserving, unworthy, hope-needing, needy, helpless, wretches. We were stuck in a pit of sin, and we were digging farther and farther down into it. We were in the devil’s kingdom, and we weren’t even struggling to get out. We deserve to die and go to hell. So if we deserve to die and go to hell, then why haven’t we? Since we are so sinful, why hasn’t God put us in hell, why did He even create us, if He knew we would sin?

Jesus: Jesus is the only answer. He died on the cross for us in our place. He came down, was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, was beaten beyond recognition as a human, became sin for us, was hung on a cross, was cursed by God, had God’s wrath on Him, and died for us in our place. He is the Holy, Perfect, sinless, wonderful, loving, almighty, uplifted, faithful, peaceful, hope-giving, great, loyal, Son of God, and yet He died on the cross for us. He took our punishment. Jesus saved us!

Application: How does the 1 Chronicles verse apply to our lives? We were unfaithful and sinful, but Jesus died on the cross for us on the cross for us and made us loyal in Him. He made us children of God. The Holy-Spirit now prays on our behalf. Romans 8:26 says,

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.”

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for giving Your only son to die on the cross for us. Thank You for taking the punishment on Yourself, Jesus. I pray that You would send a revival all around the world. I pray that I would think of You today, and that I would follow Your example. Thank You for letting me be a child of God. I pray that You would strengthen believers who are struggling or are being persecuted. I pray that I would talk with You more. Thank You for praying for us on our behalf. I pray that You would open people’s eyes and hearts to the gospel. I pray that I would draw close to You, and love You more. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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