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Place provided

Hello, God has given me something in 2 Chronicles 3:1 which says,

“Then Solomon began to build the temple of the LORD in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where the LORD had appeared to his father David. It was on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite, the place provided by David.”

David: David has provided Araunah the threshing floor by buying it. The dad had provided the place for the temple. This verse is saying that Solomon started building the temple on Araunah’s threshing floor, which David had bought and provided.

Us: We are horrible, stinky, putrid, shameful, cruel, mean, angry, God-hating, Jesus-despising, not-worth-our-salt, horrible, weak, puny, hope-needing, Holy-Spiritless, wretches. We can’t get out of sin alone if it meant our life, which it does. We were in the devil’s kingdom, with barely (if any) thoughts of getting our. We had practically become little devils. We made everybody feel miserable. We are overall horrible. We deserve to die and go to hell.

Jesus: Jesus is the most wonderful, awesome, great, mighty, almighty, one-with-God, worth-more-than-anything, hope-giving, Son of God. He is the one who has splendor beyond anyone of us. He is in God’s/His kingdom. He is so wonderful, that man could not see Him and live, without a sacrifice.

How?: If we are so horrible, and God is so great, then why aren’t we dead? We do deserve to die and go to hell, so why haven’t we? Because the Father (God) provided a place for the temple. How? He gave His only son to die on the cross for us. What or who are the temple of God? Us! God provided a place for Him to live (us) by giving His only son to die on the cross for us. Jesus paid the price for us. Thank You Jesus!

Application: How does this apply to our lives? God paid the price for our sin, and made us the temple of God, and so He provided a place for the temple. Jesus paid for our sin, so that would mean that we can go sin and sin all we want, because our sin will get paid for, right. Right, and wrong. Right: Jesus died pay the price for our sin by dying on the cross. Wrong: We can sin and sin all we want. We are the temple of God, and if our hearts are as stone, how can God live in us? We have flesh, but that is not of the heart, or soul. God lives us our hearts, not our bodies, for our bodies are only tents.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for giving Your only son to die on the cross for us. Thank You for providing a way for us to be Your temple. I pray that I would draw close to You, and be willing to suffer for Your name. I pray that You would work in me to will and to do. I pray that You would send a revival all around the world, and that You would open up people’s hearts, ears, and eyes to the gospel. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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