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The sermon

Hello, the pastor preached today on Galatians 3.

The pastor talked about promises. He talked specifically on 3 people: Abraham, David, and Joseph.

Abraham: God had made a promise to Abraham, that he would have a son. Abraham was a very old man, and he grew to be impatient. Abraham decided to help God fulfill his promise by laying with a maidservant. This did give Abraham a son, but not the promised son. several years later, God gave Sarah a son, whom they named Isaac. Isaac was the promised son, so Abraham got the promised son, but he went through a tough time to get him.

David: God also made a promise to David. David would become king. David was a shepherd, the lowest of the low. He spent pretty much all his time with the sheep, and he probably smelled like it too. But God promised that David would be king. But, Saul wasn’t ready to hand over the throne, he even threw spears at David. David did become king though, but he had hardship to get there. He killed a lion, a bear, and then a giant. David did become king, but he had a hard time getting there.

Joseph: God made a promise to Joseph: His brothers would bow down before him. How did he know this? A dream. Joseph had a dream that he and his brothers were in a field. They were all harvesting bundles of wheat, then, his brother’s bundles of wheat bowed down to Joseph’s bundle of wheat. Joseph told his brothers about the dream. Not a good idea. Why? Joseph’s dad already liked him much more that his brothers, and he gave Joseph a coat of many colors. Then Joseph told about another dream he’d had. The sun, moon, and stars all bowed down to him. Even Joseph’s dad was upset at this one. Josephs brothers did eventually bow down to him. But, he had to go through being thrown into a well, being sold, being put in prison, interpreting dreams, and watching another  former prisoner die, before he became at the right hand of Pharaoh, and his brothers bowed down to him. Joseph was lifted up from his brothers, but he had a rough time getting there.

In a summary, all these people got the promises, but they had hard times getting there.

Jesus gave His own life to die on the cross for us, and that was promised by God, and you know what, it came true.

peace and love, Joy Cleveland



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