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Sermon today

Hello, the pastor preached on Galatians 3:26 to Galatians 4:7. He had 3 main points. 1. Unity in Christ, 2. redemption, 3. our inheritance in Christ.

Unity in Christ: There are lots of believers in the world, and though we may never see all of them on this earth, we are all united in Christ. All true believers are united around the gospel. Real Christians’ main point is the gospel. Christ gave His life for us on the cross, and that is the main point that all true Christians are united around.

Our redemption: Christians have been redeemed. How? We were separated from Christ at birth, and we were sold into sin. But at rebirth, we are redeemed, and bought back by the blood of Christ. Jesus redeemed us.

Out inheritance: Our inheritance is give by Christ. We get a new name. We become sons and daughters of God. We become the bride of Christ. Jesus died for us making us holy in God’s sight, and accepted as His.

I don’t remember all of the sermon, but I hope you enjoy what I did remember.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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