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Hello, I can’t remember all of what the pastor said today, but I think he preached on Acts 20:28-38. We sort of had two sermons today, because the first was communion, and then he talked about what I’m posting on.

He talked about how Paul was leaving the Ephesians. Paul was warning them that wolves would come in, and even from their own number, people would rise up to distort the truth.

Here are what I think are the points:

#1: Paul said goodbye

#2: Paul warned the Ephesians

#3: Paul encouraged the Ephesians

Paul was saying goodbye to them, because he was about to leave. He warned them, because he knew that people would rise up to stop the gospel. He encouraged them because he knew they’d need it, and Christians are supposed to build each other up.

The sermon today certainly had the gospel in it, but I can’t really remember it.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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