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Sinful yourself

Hello, God has given me something in 2 Chronicles 28:10 which says,

“And now you intend to make the men and women of Judah and Jerusalem your slaves. But aren’t you also guilty of sins against the LORD your God?”

Also guilty: Ahaz was the new king of Judah, and he did not follow God. He sacrificed to Baals, and did many bad things. Because Ahaz did those sins, God delivered them into the hand of Aram, and the king of Israel. Aram took prisoners, and Israel inflicted heavy casualties, and captured their own brothers, the Israelites in Judah. But Oded, a prophet of the Lord, comes to the Israelites. He tells them to give back the plunder, and people, for they were also guilty sinners.

Us: We are guilty sinners. We are deserving of death. We are caught in our sin, with no intention of getting out. We are sinful, wretches. We have no hope, or love. Satan has offered us fruit, good looking fruit, that is sweet. We have a taste, and it is sweet, but later is turns bitter, for because of that fruit of sin, we are alone, without God.

Jesus: Jesus knows that we are sinning wretches, yet, He still loves us. In fact, He loves us so much, that He actually died in our place. He knew we deserved death, and He loved/loves us, so He gave His own life, so that we might have eternal life with Him in heaven. Now, we share the gospel with others, and we praise God.

Application: How does 2 Chronicles 28:10 apply to our lives? We are looking down on others for their sin, laughing at them, but we are also sinful. We are just as bad as they are. So, Jesus comes down, and instead of looking down on us because He is perfect, and we aren’t, He dies for us, in our place. And now, we are welcomed into the Father kind, loving, arms, where we can rest, and praise Him.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for letting me rest in You. Thank You for saving me from my sin. Please help me to follow You, and love You. Help me to run to You, and draw close to You. Please help me to give out the gospel. Thank You for being so kind to me, and dying for me, when I deserved to die. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Beginning verse, 1 Chronicles 28:10,

“And now you intend to make the men and women of Judah and Jerusalem your slaves. But aren’t you also guilty of sins against the LORD your God?”

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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