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The sermon today

Hello, we went to Truth Baptist Church today.

The pastor had four people (or groups of people) that he talked about around the time of the crucifixion. The religious group, the scorning group, the worldly group , and the thief on the cross who believed in Jesus.

Religious group: The religious group is focusing on the scribes and pharisees. The scribes probably know more about the Bible than many of us. The prophesies talk about the messiah being beaten and bruised, but they missed it. They said that He was able to save others, but not Himself.

Scorners: The scorner is focusing on the thief on a cross who mocked Jesus. He mocked that if he was the messiah, then he should save himself and them. He mocked Jesus, and did not accept the messiah. He stuck with his thieving habits. So did the other thief… for a while.

Worldly: The worldly group are the people who cast lot’s for Jesus’ clothing. They really didn’t care about the cross, they cared about money, and worldly pleasures.

Thief: The other thief didn’t believe in Jesus, at first. Then something happened. He stood up for Jesus, while the other thief mocked. He asked Christ to remember him, and Christ said that He would bring the thief to heaven. He believed in Christ.

The pastor did get the Gospel in his sermon.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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