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Saved By Treasure?

Hello, God has given me something in Job 20:20 which says,

““Surely he will have no respite from his craving;(A)
    he cannot save himself by his treasure.(B)”

Zophar: Zophar is talking about the wicked man here. He said that God would make him vomit up his riches. Life for the wicked man would not be good. He said that the wickedness in his mouth tasted good, but it turned sour in his stomach. He said that he seized houses he did not build. He said that he would not enjoy the streams, the rivers flowing with honey.

Christians: Christians have been saved by Christ. We have been saved from sins. But unbelievers are still stuck in sin. Unbelievers are trapped in sins. So, if you are an unbeliever, then why not come to Christ, the savior. He will  save you. He is mighty to save. So, come to Christ, and be saved today. He has given His life for us. He has loved us so much, so just reach out to Him and He will rescue you, and pick you up out of your misery and sin. He will save you, and He will be your refuge. He will love you and fill you up. So, come to Christ, and finally find the one who will fill you up. He will save you and be your refuge, so come to Him, and He will give you a reason to really rejoice. He will fill you up with His love and joy so much that you will burst the Gospel out to others. He will change your life. So, just reach out a little bit, and He will pick you up and save you out of your sin. We are all like orphans in our sin, with Satan the orphanage owner, but Jesus came and gave His life for us. So come to Christ, and He will make you His child.

What to do: Here is one thing that we are to do as Christians: Spread the Gospel to others. Even if we just plant one little seed, God will use it to spread to others. Planting a seed is like dropping a pebble into the water, and letting the ripple spread far. So, let’s help others to see Christ, our savior that they might be saved from their sins. Let’s help them to see Christ, and Christ will help them.

God: God is so good, He has given His own son for us. Let’s fall down and worship Him with all of our hearts and souls and minds. Let’s praise Christ for giving His life as a perfect, holy, atoning, sinless, sacrifice to save us. Let’s give our lives to Him, because He has given His life for us. Let’s praise Him, and rejoice in Him. Let’s worship Him, and praise Him. He is worthy of more than our praise, but let us praise Him. Let’s rejoice, and love Him with all hearts.

Application: How does Job 20:20 apply to us? We treasured our sins, and we were bound to die. But, we couldn’t be saved by sins, or our treasure. But, Christ came down to earth, and He saved us from sins. He saved us! He has given His own life for us, and then rose again three days later. God gave His own son for us. In the Old-Testament the wicked would have to offer a sacrifice for their sins. But, we just need to pray to God for forgiveness of our sins, because Christ already died as the eternal sacrifice. He has saved us!

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for loving me so much. Thank You for being my sacrifice, Jesus. Please help me to love You, and draw close to You. Please help me to grow in You, and more like You. Please help me to walk and talk with You more. Thank You for making me Your daughter. Thank You for giving Your son for me. Thank You for saving me. Please help me not to be proud. Please forgive me for sinning against You. Thank You for blessing me so much. Please help me to be more thankful. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Beginning verse, Job 20:20,

““Surely he will have no respite from his craving;(A)
    he cannot save himself by his treasure.(B)”

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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