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The Guilty Saved?

Hello, God has given me something in Job 22:30 which says,

“He delivers even the one who is not innocent, who will be delivered through the cleanness of your hands.””

Eliphaz: Eliphaz is talking to Job again. He asks what Job’s righteousness would do for God. He asked if it was Job’s piety that caused all the trouble. He named several things that Job did wrong. He said that because of Job’s sin, those bad things were happening to him. But, he said that if Job made peace with God, then God would stop the bad things. If there were downcast people, and Job said “Lift them up” then God would lift them up. By his hand, those who were not innocent would be delivered. He’s not saying that Job would be the new God. He’s saying that God would grant some of Job’s wishes.

Christians: Christians have been saved from sins. We are no longer in bondage. But, unbelievers are. Unbelievers are still in need of a savior. If you are an unbeliever, then why don’t you come to Christ? Why don’t you come to Him and be saved from your sins? Christ is mighty to save, and He will save you, just come to Him. He gave His own life to save me and you, and everyone else. So, come to Christ. Be saved. Why wouldn’t someone long to be loved by God? Why wouldn’t they come to the savior, who will put them in His pasture? So, come to Christ!

What to do: Here is on thing that we are to do as Christians: Spread the Good News! There are still others are not believing in Christ. So, we need to take the word, and give it to those who are still in their sins and trespasses. Let’s help others to see the savior, let’s help them to see Him, and if they see Christ and reach out just a little, then Christ will save them! He will take them to His pasture. So, let’s help the goats out there to see Christ, and be saved by Him. All we need to do is give them the Good news of the Gospel, and then Christ will do the rest.

God: God is so good. He gave His only begotten son on the cross for us. Let’s worship Him! Let’s praise Him! Christ has given His own life as an atoning sacrifice for us on the Cross! He has saved us, so let’s rejoice in Him, and give thanks to Him! Give thanks with a grateful heart! Christ has given His life for us, so let’s give our lives to Him. Let’s worship Him! He took the nails on the cross for us, so that we might live! Thank You, Jesus! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thank God!

Application: How does Job 22:30 apply to us? Eliphaz said that if Job made peace with God, then by the cleanness of Job’s hands would deliver those who were not innocent, or those who were guilty. We were guilty of sins. We deserved to die, but, Jesus came, and He gave His own life for us, and saved us! Christ was perfect, so He became the perfect, clean sacrifice, and saved us, the non-innocent. He has saved us! He was perfect, but He took on our sins, making us perfect. Thank You, Jesus! Christ’s hands were clean, but He became dirty, and made us clean, by giving His own life for us on the cross!

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for giving Your son for me. Thank You for loving me so much. Please help me to love You more, and draw close to You. Thank You for saving me. Thank You for blessing me so much. Please help me not to be proud. Please help me to walk and talk with You more. Please help me to grow in You, and more like You. Thank You for making me Your daughter. Please strengthen me in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Beginning verse, Job 22:30,

“He delivers even the one who is not innocent, who will be delivered through the cleanness of your hands.””


Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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