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Flees Headlong

Hello, God has given me something in Job 27:22 which says,

“It hurls itself against him without mercy 
    as he flees headlong from its power.”

Job: This is Job’s final word to his friends. He said that as long as he was alive he would not say anything wicked. He said that he would not utter wicked lies. But, he said may his enemy be like the wicked. He said the fate of the wicked’s children was the sword. He said his offspring would never have enough to eat. He said that the plague would bury those who survived him (I think God). He said that the righteous would wear what he stored up. The innocent would divide his silver. The house he builds was like a moth’s cocoon. He said that the wicked would flee headlong from God’s power. He said that God would hurl it at him without mercy. The wicked deserved punishment. So, God would punish them. But, the righteous he would lift up (Psalm 75:10). So, Job was saying that he would not utter a wicked lie as long as he lived, but his enemy would be like the wicked. Those who were righteous instead of wicked would be lifted up. But the wicked would be torn down.

Christians: Christians have been saved from their sins. We are no longer swallowing in the mud. But, unbelievers still need help. They still need to be saved. If you are an unbeliever, then why don’t you come to Christ? Why not be loved by Him? Christ is mighty to save, and He can save you, and everyone else too. So, come to Christ, and you will be loved like never before. You will have inexpressible joy. He will make you new creation, and He will clean you! So, come to Christ!

What to do: Here is one thing that we are to do as Christians: Come to Christ. What? If we’ve already come to Christ, then why do we have to again? To get new mercies! God’s grace is so good, but like the Manna that the Israelites had to collect every day, we need to go to God every day to receive grace. God has grace for every day of our lives, we just need to seek God, and pray, and He will give us his grace. So, let’s come to Christ, and receive His grace every day!

God: God is so good to us. He has given His own son for us! Let’s praise Him with all of our hearts! Let’s give thanks to Jesus for giving His own life for us! Thank Him, and praise His holy name! Let’s love Him with all of our hearts! Thank You, Jesus! Let’s rejoice in Him for giving His life for us. He gave His life as an atoning sacrifice for us on the cross (1 John 2:). He has loved us so much, so let’s give our lives to Him! He has given us His holy spirit! Thank You, Jesus!

Application: How does Job 27:22 apply to us? Job pretty much said that the wicked would flee headlong from God’s power. We would have been crushed by God’s wrath, and His power. We could never outrun Him, we would have been punished like we deserved, but, Jesus came, and He gave His own life for us as the punishment. He didn’t flee from God, He did God’s will, and He took the punishment for us, like a lamb to the slaughter. Jesus has saved us! Now, we don’t need to flee from God, we are welcomed into his family. Thank You, Lord!

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for accepting me as your daughter. Thank You for loving me so much. Thank You for blessing me, and for saving me. Thank You for giving Your son for us. Please help me to walk with You, talk with You, and grow in You more. Pleas help me to be more like You, and draw close to You. Please help me not to be proud. Please send a revival, and please strengthen me in You. Please help me to be more thankful in You. Please help me to go to You every day for grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Righteous lifted up, Psalm 75:10,

“who says, “I will cut off the horns of all the wicked,
    but the horns of the righteous will be lifted up.””

Atoning sacrifice, 1 John 2:2,

 He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world”

Beginning verse, Job 27:22,

“It hurls itself against him without mercy 
    as he flees headlong from its power.”

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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