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Crushed Because Of Deeds

Hello, God has given me something in Job 34:25 which says,

“Because he takes note of their deeds,(A)
    he overthrows them in the night(B) and they are crushed.(C)”

Elihu: Elihu is talking about the mighty here. He says that God shatters the mighty. Because he takes notes of their deeds, then he overthrows them at night, and crushes them. He sets others up in their place. He said that God punishes them for their wickedness, so the mighty were doing wicked deeds, and God was punishing them. The wicked deserve punishment. In an earlier verse Elihu also said that Job said that he was innocent and yet God denied him justice (etc.). Later He said that Job had to be tested. He also said that God was the one who didn’t favor the poor, and he said to the kings “You are worthless, and to the nobles “You are wicked”. So, the wicked deserved punishment, and Job needed to be tested. Elihu said a lot of things, some of those things were true all around (that God does not favor the rich) and others were true as far as he knew (I’ll type about that later).

Christians: Christians have been saved from sins. We are no longer stuck. We are now happily being lead by still waters in God’s pasture. But, unbelievers are still in need of help. They are trapped. So, if you are an unbeliever, then why don’t you come to Christ? Why wouldn’t you want to be saved from your sins. Christ is mighty to save, so come to Him, and He will rescue you from your sins. So, come to Jesus and be saved from your sins. It doesn’t matter if your poor spiritually, because God does not favor the rich, and if your saved, then He will accept you into His family.

What to do: Here is something that we are to do as Christians: Help the poor (spiritually). It isn’t a bad things to help the physically poor, but we also need to help those who are spiritually poor, which may be by showing the love of Christ to the physically poor. So, let’s share the Gospel with those who are in need of Christ. I remember what I was like when I wasn’t saved, even if I professed with my mouth. But, I have been changed, and Lord-willing God will change me even more to be like Him. But, there are still more who live without Christ, so let’s share Jesus with them.

God: God has given His own son to save us from our sins. Let’s praise His holy name. Let’s rejoice in Him, and worship Him. Jesus has given His life for us, and loved us, so let’s praise Him. He became the atoning sacrifice for us (1 John 2:2). Let’s praise Him for saving us from our sins. He has loved us, so let’s love Him. He has given His Holy-Spirit for us! Thank You, Lord. Let’s give thanks, and worship Him with all of our hearts!

Application: How does Job 34:25 apply to us? Elihu said that the mighty were crushed, because God noted their deeds (he says that they (the mighty) were wicked). God punished them. Yes, the wicked deserve punishment! Oh wait, we’re wicked. Elihu was right as far as he knew with the wicked being crushed (though some probably were). We were wicked, we deserved to be crushed, but Jesus came down to earth, and He gave His own life for us. He was beaten, and He wasn’t even recognizable as a human. But, He took our punishment, and now, we are children of God.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for loving me. Thank You for giving Your son for me, and blessing me. Thank You for taking my punishment, and not crushing me. Thank You for giving me Your Holy-Spirit. Please help me not to be proud. Please help me to love You more, draw close to You, and be more like You. Please change me to be more like You. Please help me to rejoice in You. Please help me to be more thankful in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Atoning sacrifice: 1 John 2:2,

“He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins,(A) and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.(B)”

Beginning verse, Job 34:25,

“Because he takes note of their deeds,(A)
    he overthrows them in the night(B) and they are crushed.(C)”

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland

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