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Not Paying Attention

Hello, God has given me something in Jo 35:13 which says,

“Indeed, God does not listen to their empty plea;
    the Almighty pays no attention to it.”

Elihu: Elihu is asking if Job thought it was right, he said that Job said that he was in the right not God. Yet he asked what profit it was to him, and what he gained by not sinning. Elihu was pretty upset. He said that he would reply to Job and to Job’s friends. He asked Job if Job sinned if that would affect him (I think God). If his sins were many, what would that do to him. He said that people cry out from a load of depression, and they pleaded relief from the arm of the powerful. He said that God didn’t answer those who cried out because of the arrogance of the wicked. He said that God’s anger never punishes, and he did not take the least notice of the wicked.   In the verse above, he said that God would not listen to the wicked, so how much more would he listen to Job? He said that Job opened his mouth with empty talk, and multiplied words without knowledge.

Christians: Unbelievers wallow in sin. They are trapped. But, believers in Christ are saved from their sin. We are free in God’s pasture to eat of His sweet grass. If you are an unbeliever, then why wouldn’t you want to come to Christ? He will save you. So, why wouldn’t someone want to come to Him? Why not come to the one who will save you? Come to Christ and be saved by His amazing grace. He gave His own life to save us from sins, so why not accept Him? He will work in You, and He will cleanse you. So, come to Christ, and be saved from your sins!

What to do: Here is something that we are to do as Christians: Share the Gospel with others! I know this may seem like a recurring theme here, but it is important to help others see the importance of the Gospel. Jesus gave His life to save everyone, not just us, so let’s help others to see Christ. Let’s come and share the Gospel with them, to help them see Christ, and be saved from sin. Let’s show them how Jesus saved us by giving His life for us.

God: God has given His own son to save us from our sin. He has loved us so much, so let’s praise His name. Let’s worship Him! We deserved to die but Jesus took our place, and He saved us from our sins. He has loved us so much, and given His life as an atoning sacrifice for us, so let’s praise Him. Let’s give thanks with all of our hearts. Let’s love him, and give our lives to Him. He has given His Holy-Spirit for us. Let’s praise His name. Let’s give thanks with all of our hearts. Let’s love Him with all of our hearts!

Application: How does Job 35:13 apply to us? Elihu said that the Almighty would not listen to them. He said that His anger wouldn’t punish. But we deserved to die because of God’s wrath. We would have had all God’s wrath on us. But, Jesus gave his own son for us. He gave His son and saved us. He has loved us so much. Now, we are the children of God (John 12:36). We have been saved. The Almighty God might not have paid attention to us (but at the same time He did and sent His son), but Jesus came and took God’s wrath for us.

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father,

Thank You for loving me. Thank You for letting me be Your daughter. Thank You for giving Your son for me. Please help me to draw close to You and love You more. Please help me to rejoice in You, and grow in You. Please help me to be more like You. Please help me to be more thankful. Thank You for blessing me so much. Please help me not to be proud. Please help me to run to You for help. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Children of God, John 12:36,

“Believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light.” When he had finished speaking, Jesus left and hid himself from them.”

Beginning verse, Job 35:13,

“Indeed, God does not listen to their empty plea;
    the Almighty pays no attention to it.”

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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