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The Sermon

Hello, I’m posting on the sermon today. I can’t remember all of what he said but he got the Gospel in. He preached on the blessings we get from being children of God. He used three examples today:

1. Jacob and Esau. Jacob had to cloth himself like his brother to get the blessing. So when we are clothed with Jesus, then we get the blessing.

2. Moses. Moses was adopted into royalty. He was no longer bound to die so young. He would be the son of royalty.

3. The Queen of Sheba. When she talked with Solomon she said that she had not been told half of what his treasures. When we get to heaven, we will not have heard the half of what was there.

So because Jesus died for us, and made us children of God, now we have blessings that we should not take for granted.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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