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Judging “Fairly”

Hello, God has given me something in Psalm 98:9 which says,

“let them sing before the Lord,
    for he comes to judge the earth.
He will judge the world in righteousness
    and the peoples with equity.”

The Psalmist is saying that God would judge fairly according to the sins each man has done. He is saying that God judges fairly. In the Old Testament people had to sacrifice animals to atone for their sins. God is a just God, and the Psalmist says that he will judge the world in righteousness.

That is true. God will judge the world in righteousness, and we can survive. How? If God judges us by our deeds, then how can we live? We can because Jesus gave His very own life for us! He died on the cross in our place, taking all our sin and shame, and paying the price for our sins. God has seemed unfair to us (in a way where we get the benefit), but He is fair. Jesus took our sins on Himself so that (even though He never sinned) it looked like He was the one who sinned. He loved us so much!

Unbelievers don’t believe in what He did. If you are an unbeliever, then why not come to Jesus? He has judged fairly, and those who come to Jesus are hidden in His blood, so we don’t look like we’ve sinned. Why not come to Him? He will save you. So, come to Jesus!

Praise God, for all He has done! The Psalmist said “let them sing before the Lord” (Them being the mountains, rivers, sea, and the world). Let’s praise Him, and give thanks! Let’s love Him with all of our heart, for He has given His own son who died on a cross in our place! Praise God! Give thanks and sing to Him!

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for blessing me. Thank You for judging Jesus guilty, and me innocent. Please help me to always remember what You’ve done for me. Please help me to walk with You and talk with You more. Please help me to praise You more, and love You more. Thank You for blessing me so much, Lord. Please help me to spread the Gospel all over. Thank  You for Your wonderful love, and peace, Lord. Thank You for doing so much for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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