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Sermon, Sort of

Hello, The Pastor still didn’t preach the Gospel. He said he wasn’t ashamed of it, and he said it was important. But, he still didn’t preach it. He told a story about their adoption of a girl. His points were:

1. Be all in: be all in for Christ. He could have said that Christ was completely in the cross. All of Him was crucified for us!

2. Learn to receive God’s hand: He could have said that God’s hand crucified His own son for us. Jesus took the wrath of God.

3. This a promise: He could have said that there was a promised deliverer. This promised savior would come and save God’s people. That savior is Jesus! He died in our place, and saved us from our sins!

Please keep praying that we find a Gospel preaching church. Thank you.

Remember: Jesus gave His life to save us from our sin! He has loved us so much, that He died for us.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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