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A Shaky Foundation

Hello, yesterday, one of the worst shootings happened. The shooter shot his parents and several of the students from ages 5-10. He was found dead. So, I’m taking a little break from my study in the word, to be talking about how some people might react to this, and other things related to the shooting.

Several people were devastated, which only makes sense, right? Why shouldn’t we be? People died, little children died. They’re parents are especially devastated. But, Christians shouldn’t be too shaken. Why? They’re people too. We shouldn’t because we have Jesus as our foundation. Jesus is not a shaky foundation. He is a solid rock, when all else is sinking sand. He is our solid foundation, so that we cannot be shaken.

What to do with others who are shaken. That is the question. If we have family or friends who do not have Jesus as their foundation, what should we do? We know they are shaken badly for several reasons:

1. They don’t have a foundation
2. They might become scared that they are vulnerable
3. They know those children had parents who are devastated

So what should we do with them? MINISTER! This is a prime time to minister to people who are still shaken. At this time, people are reaching out to anything that will keep them steady. Anything that will help them forget. We should minister the Good News of the Gospel to them. When they ask why God did it, and when they say it’s unfair, you can tell them that if that’s unfair, then what is Jesus’ death on the cross? He died when He was perfect. He paid the price for our sin. How fair is that?

What to do if you are shaken. If you are a newly born Christian, and you are shaken, what should you do? Go to someone who is strong in the faith, and ask for them to pray for you. Also, go to the Scriptures, and pray yourself. Dwell on the Gospel.

We have a strong foundation in Christ.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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