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Deliver Me

Hello, God has given me something in Psalm 142:6 which says,

“Listen to my cry,
    for I am in desperate need;
rescue me from those who pursue me,
    for they are too strong for me.”

David is asking God to listen to his cry, and to help him because he was in need. He wanted God to rescue him from those who pursued him, because they were too strong for him. Of course he asked for deliverance. It’s human nature to ask that we be delivered from our hard times.

Jesus was fully human, and fully God. He was tempted in every way. But, Jesus “set his face like flint” and “for the joy set before Him” faced the cross. He died on the cross for us! He didn’t leave us to be overtaken by our “pursuers”. He delivered us from them, and He became our strength. He loved us so much, that He gave His own life for us.

Jesus is the mediator between us and God, and now God hears us when we cry out to Him. He listens to us, and He delivers us. He is our deliverer!

Here is a song by Mandisa:

Jesus is our deliverer, and He has delivered us from our sin. Praise God!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for delivering me from my sin, and for giving Your son to take my punishment. Thank You for making me Your child. Please help me to love You more. Please help me to tell others about how You have delivered us. Thank You for loving me and blessing me so much. Please help me to love You more. Please help me to spread the Gospel to those who need it, Lord. Thank You for hearing me when I cry for help. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland

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