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Today my sister and I are going to show you the Gospel from the general idea of the pastor’s message. The pastor preached from Acts 9:1-9; which talks about how Paul was knocked to the ground and blinded by God while he was nearing Damascus.

The pastor told us that we should submit to God and accept him into our hearts. However the pastor failed to tell us how to have God come into our hearts. Now we’ll show you what the pastor should have shown to us.

The Pastor should have told us that we cannot fully submit to God and be saved; we can’t fully submit to God. But Jesus submitted for us; He was completely perfect. Yet to save us, Jesus died on a cross and gave us His righteousness.

So the true message is not “Submit to God and be saved”, it’s “Jesus submitted for you so that you could be saved.”

Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland, and
Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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