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The Law or the People

Hello, today my sister and I are doing a post on Zephaniah 3:5 which says:

“The Lord within her is righteous;
he does no wrong.
Morning by morning he dispenses his justice,
and every new day he does not fail,
yet the unrighteous know no shame.”

The writer here is talking about “the city of oppressors”. He said that this city is defiled and wicked, but the God in her is good and pure. He said that God puts out justice everyday, punishing sinners for their sin. But even then, the sinners “know no shame”; they don’t think they are doing wrong. They think they are fine, even when they are disobeying God’s law.

We would be just like those people: punished for something we thought we didn’t do. Even though God gave us His law, we wouldn’t be able to obey it. That’s where Jesus comes in. The law was fine, it didn’t have any problems, but the people… well we couldn’t possibly obey the law. So God would either destroy His people, or destroy His law; he couldn’t have destroyed His law, and He loved (loves) His people so much that He couldn’t destroy His people. So He made a substitute, a sacrifice; He sent Jesus down to live a perfect live and then take our sins on Himself and die for us!

God loves us, which is why He sent a sacrifice to die for us! And now we are covered in the blood of Jesus, and we live! He has set us free from being trapped in sin, and made us children of God.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland and,
Grace and truth, Charity Cleveland


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