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Hello, today the pastor preached the Gospel! The Pastor preached on Luke 12:49-59.

He had 6 points.

1. Rebelling against God brings His judgment.
If we rebel against God, then we are not saved.

2. Redemption and judgment are based upon the Cross.
When we look at the cross, we can either accept what Jesus did for us and be redeemed, or we can push His sacrifice away and have judgment.

3. Jesus brings division; you are either for Him or against Him.
The Cross brings division. We can accept what Jesus did for us, or not. We can’t be half accepting His sacrifice, and half refusing it.

4. Reading signs of nature and reacting.
The Pastor talked about verses 54 and 55.

5. Unwillingness to respond to the signs of redemption.
Some unbelievers are not willing to accept Jesus’ sacrifice.

6. Wisdom realizes what is happening and makes right decisions.
God gives us wisdom to make the right decisions.

Peace and love, Joy Cleveland


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