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Lesssons for Christians chapter 1


Have you heard about Jesus? If you haven’t, keep reading, and I’ll tell you about Him.  If you have, this will encourage you. Well, Jesus died for you and me, and I want everyone to know about Him, and in fact, God our Creator wants us to. John 3:16 says for God so love the world he gave his one and only son for whoever believes in him shall not parish but have eternal  life, doesn’t that sound GREAT! It’s the best thing anyone could imagine. So you see Jesus perfect Jesus was sent to die for you and for me! But not   everyone believes they think psychology shocking people or saying were animals or saying we need drugs for our mind problems even though we don’t have a mind problem and the drugs make us sick and. That is defiantly not it! You have hope! Did you know that a man who betrayed Jesus publicly later led 3,000 people to Christ! Try looking up John 17 the prayer of Jesus, it’s the most important chapter in the bible! I want you to know how much Jesus loves you and everyone else in the universe! And that you have someone who loves you! Even if you’re ugly or if no one else loves you God loves you. And I love you. You know Jesus is not some great king with a crown, the only crown Jesus had was a crown of thorns at the cross. No Jesus was a normal human being but that was because he had a well been clothed in a body, you see we aren’t really a body we are a spirit with a body and when we die our spirit goes to heaven or hell, all though you probably want to go to heaven instead of hell, heaven is so much better. So if you believe in Jesus and truly love him then you will most likely go to heaven. But you have to search your heart and see if you love Jesus, and the way you search your heart is you ask god to help you, and if you don’t know how to ask God just pray, here’s a short prayer right now, dear God please help me to see any sin in my life and help me to get rid of it in Jesus name I pray, and if your wandering why I said in Jesus name I will tell you about that in another chapter, but for now we are just talking about Jesus, but I want you to know very well 2 things 1 the how Jesus died for you and me another words the gospel and 2 how much Jesus loves you. So that way you can love him and he already does love you! And you can look up any chapter or and at least one verse will have the gospel in it. Even before the gospel it points forward and after it points backward, so everywhere you look in the bible you will find the gospel. If you’re wondering why I meant by the bible its Gods holy book, you must read it every day and find the gospel at least one time. And then you will be able to preach the gospel to a large crowd, it will start small but then it will grow, it might take a while but it will grow. And if you pass the offering basket around that’s not the best way to do it, you should put it on a table so everyone can reach it when they want. So 4things, 1 read the bible every day, 2 love Jesus, 3 go to church, 4 listen to the pastor and contribute in the church service.


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